Thursday, June 10, 2010

iray 3: iray in standalone mental ray

How to export mi file from 3dsmax.

1. Assign mental ray renderer as Production renderer

First open the Render Set Up dialog. Figure export_mi_1 show that opening
the rollout of assign renderer and then choosing the mental ray
renderer as Production renderer.

Figure export_mi_1

2. Export a mi file from 3dmax.

Choose Render Set Up --- Processing Tab.
First you need to choose a filename as in Figure export_mi_2. Without a file name, the checkbox of 'Export on Render' is disabled. This was difficult for me. I wanted to export a file, but Export on Render is disabled. I wish I could choose the Export on Render and then see a warning message, ''an export file name is not specified.''

Next, push the Render button, then a mi file is exported.

Figure export_mi_2

This is also difficult for me.

When you 'export' a file, push the 'render' button.

I wish it was like

  When you 'export' a file, push the 'export' button.

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